Studio Space

Hawthorn is a versatile studio space tucked away in a country garden. Measuring approximately 8m x 4m (with 7m x 4m available space), the dimensions are ideal for a variety of dance, photography, video, and other projects.

The studio is rigged with overhead RGB stage lighting - fully controllable using the provided lighting desk, as well as multiple lights on stands that can be positioned how and where you wish. There are background rolls - black and white currently available - and various pieces of material that can be rigged wherever you want. We also have a number of chairs of different types, a selection of rugs, and various other props and interesting items that can be used in your photography.

  • Equipment

    The following equipment is available for use:

    • Ceiling-mounted RGB stage-style lighting, DMX controlled from a basic lighting desk
    • Stand-mounted warm white floods
    • Ianiro Redhead lighting kit (LED converted)
    • Ceiling-mounted video projector
    • Audio system with CD and Aux inputs.
    • Roll paper backdrops - black or white currently available
    • Office Chairs
    • Farmhouse kitchen chairs · ©2020-2024 Graham Guy