The History of Hawthorn Studios

Graham says... "I have wanted to build a studio for a very long time, but until recently neither the lcoation nor the funds were available to me. But in 2023 that changed, and plans were put in place to construct an ideal studio space to my specifications."

Construction Begins

In February 2024 I finally started the ground works to create the space for the studio.

Frame Assembly

Making the frame of the studio was relatively straightforward, although balancing some of the beams in place whilst I got everything lined up to screw together was sometimes challenging.

Temporary Roof

The start of 2024 was exceptionally wet, and so it was never going to be possible to find a dry period long enough to build the roof in one go. So in lieu of roofing felt the shed spent about a month wrapped in blue tarpaulin whilst I worked on the interior fit-out.

Nearing Completion

By mid-April the studio was nearing completion. Most of the electrics were completed, and the decoration was well under way. - 07532 183905 · ©2020-2024 Graham Guy