Lighting Visualisation

Originally set up because we needed it rather than to offer as a service, it soon became clear that this is something that people occasionally want to be able to do. So rather than keep it to ourselves we decided to make the facility available as part of the studio offerings.

Using Capture previsualisation software (we currently have a DUET licence) and Chamsys MagicQ we can 'virtually' set up your show to enable you to test your lighting cues and make set and positioning decisions long before reaching the venue. We can import set design models from a range of 3D modelling applications, or help you design something in Blender that you can use in Capture.

Previsualisations are live and fully interactive, so you can see how the show will look from anywhere in the audience as the show is played. And you can even look from on-stage if you want to know what it will be like to be one of the performers.

Visualisations are projected onto the 2m screen on the studio end wall, and we can set up a desk for the director, lighting designer, producer etc to sit at and discuss changes.

Venue Modelling

If you need us to create the 3D model of your venue we will need early access and time to create the model. Generally we try to keep the modelling time to a minimum and only replicate the parts of the venue that have a direct impact on the show previsualisation. If you already have accurate drawings of the site, either from architect's plans of from other virtualisation projects we can accept 3D files in a variety of formats. - 07532 183905 · ©2020-2024 Graham Guy